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Player Registration

  • All players must be 18 years of age or over and sign the team registration/indemnity form prior to taking the court.
  • Teams may introduce new players throughout the rounds' games of the competition. 
  • If a team is short of players for a match during rounds' games, it is acceptable to have a player registered to another team to play for the team at the duty manager's discretion, and with the opposition's agreement.
  • New players may NOT be introduced during semi-finals and finals.
  • To be eligible to participate in semi-finals and finals, each player must have signed on and played for 3 games during the season.  Players may play for only one team during semi-finals and finals.


Time Format

  • Matches are 2 x 15 minute halves.
  • Half time is 2 minutes.
  • Each team is permitted one time out per half. A time out is 1 minute. The clock will not stop for time outs.
  • If, during the last minute of the second half, the score is within 7 points (and remains within 7 points), the clock will stop on the official's whistle.  Otherwise, the clock will run. 
  • No time outs in the last 2 minutes of either half - unless fully timed final minute is operating.


  • Each player will be alllowed 5 personal fouls
  • Team fouls. Subject to FIBA rules, on the 8th team foul, the opposition player fouled will be awarded 2 free throws. Team fouls are re started each half. Personal fouls carry over.

Mixed Competition

  • Total players on court = 5
  • Maximum number of male players on the court = 3

Competition Points

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 2 points
  • Loss = 1 point
  • Forfeit = 0 points (opposing team will win 20 - 0)

Uniform & Equipment

  • Uniforms should be of the same design and colour with numbers 04 - 15 on both the front and back.
  • After the third week of the competition, if a team does not have a uniform, they will be penalized 2 points per player out of uniform.
  • If two opposing teams have the same coloured uniforms, bibs will be provided to differentiate one team.
  • A ball is provided for match use only.
  • No black soled shoes.


  • The clock will start on time.  If a team cannot field 4 or more players within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time that team will forfeit the match. The team ready to play will be awarded a 20-0 win. However, if after 5 minutes enough players are available, a social game may continue.
  • If you know in advance that your team has to forfeit a game, please phone Intrinsic Sports on 8920 8878 as early as possible so that we can inform the opposing team.


Rules relating to Female Players

  • Males MAY NOT GUARD females in the key who are in the act of shooting.  Males judged by the referees to be guarding females in the key who are in the act of shooting will be penalised as though goal tending and 2 points will be awarded whether or not a shot is taken.
  • If a female player is fouled in the key in the act of shooting by a male player, then two points will be awarded whether or not a shot is taken or successful. One further penalty shot will also be awarded.
  • If a female player is fouled in the key by a male player while not in the act of shooting, then a side/baseline ball will be awarded.
  • In the above situations it is the referees who will decide if guarding has occurred and when the act of shooting begins.

2018 FIBA Rule Changes


  • A player shall be disqualified for the remainder of the game when he/she is charged with 2 unsportsmanlike fouls or 2 technical fouls, or with 1 technical foul and 1 unsportsmanlike foul. 
  • Please note this has changed from previously where a player would only be disqualified if they receive 2 unsportsmanlike fouls or 2 technical fouls, NOT one of each.


  • There is NO CHANGE to the Travel Rule regarding players who receive the ball while stationary.  There are NO extra steps permitted and the player must still release the ball BEFORE lilfting the pivot foot when commencing a dribble.
  • The rule has changed for players who gain control of the ball WHILE MOVING.  Essentially, they are allowed ONE extra step. Previously for example, the "spin move" "catch and dribble" and "catch and shoot" (while moving) situations were often moves where players took an extra step thus "travelling" - a violation - and the game was stopped.  The new travel rule will allow these moves (with the extra step) to become legal play and should introduce more flow into the game.


  • (C1):  Not a legitimate attempt to play the ball within the spirit and intent of the rules.
  • (C2):  Excessive, hard contact caused by a player in an effort to play the ball or an opponent.
  • (C3):  An UNNECESSARY CONTACT caused by a defensive player in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition.  This applies until the offensive player begins the act of shooting.

  • (C4):  ANY CONTACT by a defensive player from behind or laterally on an opponent in an attempt to stop the fast break where there is no defensive player between the offensive player and the opponent's basket.  This applies until the offensive player begins the act of shooting.

  • (C5):  Contact by a defensive player on an opponent on the playing court during the last 2 minutes in the last period (second half) and in each extra period, when the ball is out-of-bounds for a throw-in and still in the hands of the official or at the disposal of the player taking the throw-in.


Semis and Finals

  • Semis and final games will be scheduled for all teams, not just those in the Top Four.
  • To be eligible for semis and finals players must have signed on and played during the rounds' games for their team.

The players will abide by the referee's ruling at all times.