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Touch Football


Player Registration

  • All players must be 18 years of age or over and sign the team registration/indemnity form prior to taking the court at each game.
  • Teams may introduce new players throughout the rounds' games of the competition. 
  • Teams may borrow players from other teams to make a full side during rounds' games ONLY IF the team can field enough of its own players to avoid a forfeit.
  • New players may NOT be introduced during semi-finals and/or finals.
  • To be eligible to participate in semi-finals and/or finals, each player must have signed on and played at least one game for the team during the rounds' games. 
  • Players may play for only one team during semi-finals and/or finals.

Competition Points

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 2 points
  • Loss = 1 point
  • Forfeit = 0 points (opposing team will win 5 - 0)

Mixed Competition

  • Teams are 6-a-side, with a maximum of 4 males on the field at all times.

Semis and Finals

  • Semis and final games will be scheduled for all teams; not just those in the Top Four.  Please note competition structure may change according to number of teams in a league; some seasons may play two rounds of matches then straight to Finals.
  • To be eligible for semis and/or finals, players must have signed on and played during the rounds' games for their team.
  • If the result is drawn in semis and/or finals, there will be a Drop-Off.  See Drop-Off Procedure below.


  • If a team cannot field 5 or more players within 5 minutes after the scheduled game start time, the team will forfeit. A social game may continue.  If playing with 5 players, a maximum of 4 males may be on the field, and minimum of one female.
  • In the event of a forfeit, the score to the non-forfeiting team will be 5 - 0.
  • If you know in advance that your team has to forfeit a game, please phone Intrinsic Sports on 8920 8878 as early as possible so that we can inform the other team.

Wet Weather

  • Rained out games will be rescheduled where possible, however extensions to the season are at the discretion of the Royal Botanical Gardens/Centennial Parklands Trust.
  • Should games be cancelled due to wet weather after the day's play has begun, all games (whether played or not) will be declared NIL-NIL draws if no wet weather contingency weeks remain in the season.

Abandoned Matches

  • If a match is abandoned within 11 minutes of the start (due to rain or safety issues with the field of play), the match will be rescheduled for play later in the season.
  • If a match is abandoned after 11 minutes (due to rain or safety issues with the field of play), the match will be deemed to have been played, and the score at the time of abandonment, will stand.

Interruption to Season

  • Should a venue be unavailable for any reason beyond Intrinsic Sports' control, the season will be temporarily paused and will resume once the venue is available again.

Time Format

  • Duration - Games consist of 23 minutes touch down turnaround format.  After a team scores, the game is recommenced with teams having changed directions.  There is no formal break during the game.

Uniforms and Equipment

  • Uniforms - Teams should wear similar coloured shirts to avoid confusion.  In the event of opposing teams wearing the same colour, bibs will be supplied, and a coin toss will decide which team wears the bibs.
  • No metal or studded boots or blades. Soft moulded soles are permitted.
  • Watches and jewelry are to be romoved . Fingernails to be trimmed or taped.

Substitution  / Interchange

  • Players may substitute at any time during the match, providing it does not interfere with play.  There is no limit to the number of substitutions that can be made, and the referee does not need to be informed.


  • One point is awarded for a try, however women will receive 2 points for a try.


GENERAL RULES (adapted from NSW Touch Association)

Commencement of Play:

  • The attacking team is to start the match with a tap at the centre of the halfway line following the indication to commence play from the referee.  All players of the attacking team are to remain in an onside position until the ball has been tapped.
  • All players of the defending team are required to retire a distance of not less than ten (10) metres from the mark for the tap.
  • Teams shall change directions following half time.  For the recommencement of play following the scoring of a touchdown, the team against which the score was made is to recommence play.
  • Kicking:  the ball cannot be kicked or played with the foot except when taking a tap or a Rollball.  The half may use the foot to control the ball.
  • A player taking the tap may face any direction; may be forward of the halfway line and must wait until the referee indicates the mark prior to tapping the ball.
  • Players may take the ball from behind the mark for a tap up to a maximum of ten (10) metres.  No sideways movement from the mark is allowed.

The Touch:

  • Minimum force necessary must be used to effect touches.
  • If the ball is knocked from the hands of a player in possession during a touch, the touch counts and the player retains possesion; they are required to perform the Rollball.  Touch count continues.
  • After a touch has been effected, the player in possession is required to stop, return to the mark (if mark has been over-run) and perform a Rollball without delay.
  • A player is not to pass or otherwise deliver the ball after a touch has been effected.
  • A player must not claim or otherwise call for a touch unless a touch has been effected.
  • Following a touch, the ball is deemed to be dead and is brough into play at the Rollball when the half touches the ball, (of if no half is in position), when the ball leaves the hands of the attacking player performing the Rollball.
  • If a player places the ball on the ground on or over the scoreline at the same time a touch is effected, the touch counts and a touchdown is not awarded.
  • Should a player in possession effect a touch on an offside defender who is making every effort to retire and remain out of play, the touch is to count.  If the player in possession is the half, a change of possession results.


  • A player in possession may pass, flick, knock or throw the ball to any other onside player in the attacking team; but not in a forward direction.
  • A player who passes the ball at or towards a defending player and thereby causes the ball to go to ground shall lose possession.  However, if the defending player attempts to catch the ball and the ball goes to ground, the attacking team retains possession.  Play is restarted at the mark where the ball goes to ground.  The touch count is restarted.


  • The team with the ball is entitled to six (6) touches prior to possession changing to the other team.
  • Following the sixth touch, players of the team losing possession are to hand or pass the ball to the nearest opposition player, or place the ball on the ground at the mark without delay.
  • If the ball is dropped to the ground, a change of possession results.  The mark for a change of possession is where the ball first pitches or where the attacking player dropped or passed the ball, whichever is of greatest advantage to the team gaining possession.
  • If a player mishandles the ball, and it does not go to ground, play continues.
  • Intercepts by onside defending players are allowed.  Following an intercept, play continues until the first touch is effected, a touchdown is scored or other stoppage occurs.
  • Should a touch be effected on a player in possession while the ball may not be physically in the hands (e.g. juggling the ball), the touch is to count.
  • Providing the same player retrieves the ball prior to it going to ground, any knock forward resultant from an intercept is allowed.
  • If the ball contacts the ground while still under the control of a player (e.g. falling over), a change of possession DOES NOT result and play continues.
  • Players may intercept behind the defending scoreline.  Play is restarted with a Rollball five (5) metres forward of the scoreline from where the player was touched.

No Touch Claim:

  • If a defending player calls out "no touch", the referee has to be able to see that there was no touch made before a penalty can be awarded.
  • If the referee sees that the ball carrier had tried to effect a touch but the defender acted evasively such that the referee could not see whether the touch had been made or missed, "play on" will be called.
  • Players are not to deliberately pull-out from a touch, a penalty is awarded to non-offending side.

The Rollball:

  • Method:  The attacking player is to position on the mark, face the opponent's (defending) scoreline, stand parallel to the sidelines, and roll the ball backwards along the ground between the feet a distance of not more than one (1) metre.  Once the ball is placed on the mark, the attacking player may step over the ball.
  • A Rollball is performed when a touch has been effected; when possession has changed: or when so directed by the Referee.
  • Any other player of the attacking team may receive the ball from the Rollball and thus become the half.  The half may pass or run with the ball, however if touched, loses possession.
  • The half is not to delay picking up the ball.  The player who performs the Rollball is not permitted to obstruct or prevent the defending team from gaining possession or effecting a touch on the half.
  • All players of the defending team are to retire at least five (5) metres from the mark for a Rollball.  When the defending team has been forced back to the 5m defending line (between the 5m and scoreline), the stand off rule starts.  From there, the defending team has to move forward to make a touch and can't re-align until the touch is imminent.  If the defending team make a touch and are not forced back to the 5m line, they don't have to move forward after the rollball.  If the defending players are on the scoreline and the rollball starts within the 5m zone, they don't have to move forward.

Dead Ball Line:

  • If the field has no dead ball line markings, the tryline area is 5 metres.  The referee will judge by eye whether the ball carrier has gone beyond 5 metres.

Ball over Sideline/Scoreline:

  • The ball becomes dead when it, or a player in possession touches or crosses the scoreline and a change of possession results.
  • If a player in possession of the ball is touched after crossing the attacking scoreline and prior to the scoring of a touchdown, the touch counts.
  • If a player passes the ball once over the scoreline a change of possession occurs.
  • If the acting half runs with ball over the scoreline a change of possession occurs.
  • If a player in possession of the ball is touched whilst on or behind their defending scoreline, the touch counts

The Drop-Off Procedure:

  • In the event of a drawn semi-final or final, the referee will wait until the ball is dead, halt play, then signal to each team to reduce their playing strength by one player to five (5).  If a team has had a player sent off through the match, this team will continue to be disadvantaged by the number of players sent off.
  • As soon as the team removes a player, the game continues with a tap from the centre of the half way line by the team who won the toss at the commencement of the game.  Substitutions of players is permitted at any time as per normal interchange rules.
  • After two minutes, a further player is dropped from each team.  Play continues from where it was stopped at the two minute mark.
  • Players continue to be dropped off each two minutes, until the teams have been reduced to three (3) players each.  Once three players have been reached, the match continues until a touchdown is scored.  Should a player be sent off, thus reducing a team to below three players, that team will lose the match.
  • During the Drop-Off, before a winner can be declared, both teams must have had possession.
  • The decision regarding which player will be dropped off is up to the Team Captain, however, at least one female must be on the field at all times.
  • Injured players can be replaced at any time.
  • A Player/team wasting time at a Drop-Off will be penalised at the mark for recommencement of the match.

The Referee's decision is final; Players must abide by the Referee's rulings at all times.