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Player Registration

  • All players must be 18 years of age or over and sign the team registration/indemnity form prior to taking the court at each game.
  • Teams may introduce new players throughout the rounds' games of the competition. 
  • Teams may borrow players from other teams to make a full side during rounds' games ONLY IF the team can field enough of its own players to avoid a forfeit. Players borrowed from other teams may play in WING POSITIONS only.
  • New players may NOT be introduced during semi-finals and/or finals.
  • To be eligible to participate in semi-finals and/or finals, each player must have signed on and played at least one game for the team during the rounds' games. 
  • Players may play for only one team during semi-finals and/or finals.

Competition Points

  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 2 points
  • Loss = 1 point
  • Forfeit = 0 points (opposing team will win 20 - 0)

Mixed Competition

  • Total players on court = 7
  • Maximum number of male players on the court = 3
  • A team may not have two males playing in the goal circle at the same time (GS/GA or GD/GK)

Time Format

  • Games are played every 30 minutes (Ultimo and Domain)
  • Games are played every 40 minutes (SCEGGS)


Semis and Finals

  • Semis/final games will be scheduled for all teams, not just those in the Top Four.  Please note competition structure may change according to number of teams in a league; some seasons may play two rounds of matches then straight to Finals.
  • To be eligible for semis/finals players must have signed on and played during the rounds' games for their team.
  • If the result is a draw play extra time, 2 minutes each way. If the score is still drawn after this time, next goal wins. Centre pass will follow on from last whistle (ie whoever was to have next centre pass).


  • If a team cannot field 5 or more of their own registered players within 5 minutes of the scheduled starting time that team will forfeit the match. A social game may continue. Teams may borrow players 6 and 7 (from another registered team).

Wet Weather

  • ULTIMO:  All rained out games will be rescheduled for play prior to Semis/Finals.
  • THE DOMAIN:  Rained out games will be rescheduled for play where possible, however extensions to the season are at the discretion of the Royal Botanical Gardens/Centennial Parklands Trust.
  • If games are cancelled due to wet weather after the day's play has begun, all games (whether played or not) will be declared a NIL-NIL draw if no wet weather contingency weeks remain in the season.

Abandoned Matches

  • If a match is abandoned prior to half-time (due to rain or safety issues with the field of play), the match will be rescheduled for play later in the season.
  • If a match is abandoned after half-time (due to rain or safety issues with the field of play), the match will be deemed to have been played, and the score at the time of abandonment, will stand.

Interruption to Season

  • Should a venue be unavailable for any reason beyond Intrinsic Sports' control, the season will be temporarily paused and will resume once the venue is available again.

Uniform & Equipment

  • Teams are responsible for bringing their own bibs each week.  Teams may bring their own bibs; or may hire a set from Intrinsic Sports for the season for a low admin fee, plus fully refundable holding deposit.
  • A ball is provided at the venue for match use; with one warm up ball on hand.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
  • Jewellery must be removed or taped. Long nails must be cut or taped. If nails are still sharp despite being taped and the player does not wish to cut them, gloves must be worn.  Due to Occupational Health and Safety concerns, Intrinsic Sports cannot supply gloves for players' use.
  • If players have visible piercings, these must be removed if possible.  If it is not possible for such piercings to be removed, they must be taped to the satisfaction of the duty manager at the game, before the player may take to the court.  The duty manager will take into account the possible danger of injury to any players on the court, including the player with the piercing.  If the piercing has been taped, and the immediate risk to other players has been deemed to be eliminated, the player may take to the court with the awareness that they are accepting the risk of possible injury to themselves.  If it is not possible to tape such a piercing that risk to players cannot be eliminated (e.g. sharp edges are present), the player will be excluded from the game.

Other Rules

  • The ball is considered out if it hits the roof net during play and the ball will pass to the opposing team for a throw in. (Ultimo)
  • Player substitution (SCEGGS):  Teams may substitute players during the half.  The substition must be like for like positions (e.g. a GS comes on and a GS comes off).  The substitions will be made at the centre pass around the mid point of the half.  Subs must be ready to come on court quickly so that play is not held up.

Start of Play

  • The Centre must have ONE FOOT wholly within the centre circle
  • The other players must stand in the goal third which is part of their area of play. The opposing centre may move freely in the centre third.
  • The centre pass must be touched by a player wholly within the centre third.

Over a Third

  • The ball may not be thrown over a complete third without being touched or caught by a player who is wholly in that third.

Short Pass

  • At the moment the ball is released there must be room for a third player to move between the hands of the thrower and receiver.


  • A player with or without the ball is offside when they are in a playing area other than that of their designated position.
  • A player in possession of the ball may lean on the ball in an offside area.

Out of Court

  • The ball is out of court when it touches the ground, an object or person outside the court
  • The ball is out of court when held by a player in contact with the ouside of the court or an object or person outside the court.
  • A Throw in is awarded to the opposing team. The player taking the throw in must ensure that all players are on court before taking the throw in, throw the ball within 3 seconds, not enter the court and not step offside when taking a throw in.
  • Umpires will NOT blow their whistle when it is clear that the ball is out of court.


  • Play may be stopped because of injury or illness when time is called for by an on court player. The decision for play to stop is at the discretion of the umpire.
  • If a player is bleeding, and no on court player has called time, the umpire may stop play.  The player in question must leave the court until bleeding has stopped or been dressed.


  • A player in possession of the ball may not: drag or slide their landing foot, hop on either foot, jump from both feet and land on both feet unless the ball has been released before landing or lift and replace the landing foot.


  • The defending player's closest foot must be greater than three feet (0.9m) from the landed foot of the player in possession of the ball.
  • A player may not defend a player from off the court.
  • A defending player may not leave the court to defend a player who has left the court.
  • When defending a player without the ball the defending player may not take the arms away from the body other than that in natural body stance.


  • No player may contact an opponent either accidentally or deliberately in such a way that it interferes with the play of that opponent or causes contact to occur.
  • A player shall not force contact by moving into the path of an opponent who is commited to a landing space.
  • A player may not position themselves so closely to their opponent, that the opponent is unable to move without contacting.
  • Players may not contact the ball while an opponent is in possession of the ball.


  • A player may play at the ball once in an uncontrolled manner and then catch the ball or direct the ball to another player
  • A player may not bat or bounce the ball in a controlled manner and then gain possession of the ball.
  • A player may gain or regain control of the ball if it rebounds from the goal post.

The players will abide by the referee's ruling at all times.