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How can I pay my team registration fees?

Intrinsic Sports accepts payment by internet transfer or Visa, Mastercard or American Express (2% surcharge on AMEX payments). Credit card details may be phoned or emailed to  Details required are: type of card, card number, expiry date, CVN and card name. A receipt will be emailed to you on request.  Once your registration fees have been received, your team is fully confirmed in your competition.  Please note, we do not offer refunds for team withdrawal or change of mind.


Do I have to bring anything to my game?

Intrinsic Sports will supply qualified referees/umpires, duty manager/scorer, balls and winning team trophies at each competition. Due to health and safety concerns, netball teams will need to bring their own set of bibs.  Soccer, futsal and touch football teams should wear the same colour top to ensure uniformity within the team.  Intrinsic Sports will have a minimal supply of bibs on hand for use in the event of colour clashes; these bibs will only be used for one game.

What is the minimum numbers of players needed to avoid a forfeit?

This will vary according to the sport you are playing:
Netball 7 (maximum 3 Males) 5 (maximum 3 Males)
Touch Football 6 (maximum 4 Males) 5 (maximum 4 Males)
Outdoor soccer 6 (maximum 4 Males) 5 (maximum 4 Males)
Indoor soccer/futsal 5 (maximum 3 Males) 4 (maximum 3 Males)

How long do I have after my scheduled game time to take to the court?

If your team cannot field the minimum number of players required to avoid a forfeit within 5 minutes of the official game clock starting, your game will be declared a forfeit.  The opposing team will have a win recorded (provided they are ready to play).  The forfeit scores are:
Netball 20 to Nil
Touch Football, Soccer, Futsal 5 To Nil

Can I add extra players to my team once a competition has started?

Yes. New players can be added throughout the rounds’ games of your competition.  You do not need to advise the Intrinsic Sports’ office; new players may simply sign on at their first game.  However, new players cannot be introduced during semi-finals or finals’ games.

Can I borrow players on a one-off basis from another registered team?

Yes. However, to avoid the game being recorded as an official forfeit, you must have the minimum required numbers of players for your sport, from your own team.

Can I borrow players for a Semi Final or Final?

Only players that have signed on and played during the rounds’ games for your team, may play in your team for the semi-finals and finals. Players may only play for one team during semis and finals.

Are semi-finals and finals scheduled for all teams, or only the Top 4?

At Intrinsic Sports, we schedule semi-finals and finals for all teams, not just those in the Top 4. While the Top 4 teams at the end of the rounds’ games will be playing for medals at the conclusion of the Finals series, the draw will include play offs for minor placings. 

Once my team has played in an Intrinsic Sports competition, do I get priority entry to the following comp?

Yes. Teams in the current competition have until the date of the Final game to register their team for the subsequent competition, and be offered an automatic place.  After the date of the Final, we will open the competition to new teams and allocate places based on the receipt date of the Team Registration form. 

How do I know if my game is cancelled due to wet weather?

In the event of wet weather, your team captain will be notified only if games are cancelled, either by email or (if the grounds’ closure is close to game time) by phone/SMS. For outdoor competitions at Ultimo, all rained out games will be rescheduled.  For Domain competitions, the competition may only be extended at the discretion of the Royal Botanic Gardens/Centennial Parklands Trust; usually only one rained out game will be able to be rescheduled.

Can my team request early or late timeslots in our competition?

Yes. Intrinsic Sports will make every effort to accommodate teams’ requests for early or late games.  However, when this is not possible due to conflicting requests, teams will be given an even distribution of game times.
If you have further queries, please phone our office on (02) 8920 8878 or email us at

Does Intrinsic Sports have COVID-19 safety procedures in place?

Yes.  Intrinsic Sports will follow the NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan for Community sporting competitions.  For details, please see our health and safety policy, "Accidents and Our Duty of Care", accessible at the foot of the homepage.