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Accidents & Our Duty of Care


At all Intrinsic Sports events, at least one staff member holding a Senior First Aid Certificate or higher qualification will be present.  First aid equipment, including ice packs are on site at all events, and minor injuries will be dealt with as they occur.

Depending on the severity of the injury, and the circumstances in which it has occurred, play will be halted until the injured party has been cared for, and the field of play is clear.

However, participation in organised sporting activities is inherently dangerous and involves an element of personal risk.  While Intrinsic Sports holds third party public liability insurance, we do not hold personal accident insurance to cover injuries occurring as a result of an individual’s regular participation in sport.  All players will be asked to sign a waiver at each game, indemnifying Intrinsic Sports against any and all claims arising or that may arise from participation in the organised sporting events.

Our Duty of Care

Intrinsic Sports’ staff will always seek to ensure that all participants are treated with respect, and that the field of play is safe for all competitors.  This includes inspection of the playing surface; halting games if surfaces become wet or dangerous; and exclusion of particular players that may pose a risk to competitors.  Players may be excluded / sent off if they are:

  • Bleeding, which needs to be controlled and/or covered;
  • Intoxicated.  No player will be allowed to take to the court if, in the opinion of Intrinsic Sports’ staff that player is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  If, during the course of play, it becomes apparent to Intrinsic Sports’ staff that a player is has been drinking or using drugs, that player will be sent off.
  • Abusive.  Intrinsic Sports’ staff reserves the right to send players off the field of play if abusive language and/or behaviour continues, despite official warning. 
  • These restrictions also apply to spectators.  Intrinsic Sports reserves the right to exclude/eject spectators if they should display abusive behaviour/language or appear intoxicated.

Players may not take to the court wearing jewellery, in particular long earrings, rings and watches. For netball, long fingernails must be cut or taped.  If nails are still sharp despite taping, the player will need to wear gloves.  Due to Occupational Health and Safety concerns, Intrinsic Sports cannot supply gloves for individuals to play in; the player must provide their own gloves.

If players have visible piercings, these must be removed if possible.  If it is not possible for such piercings to be removed, they must be taped to the satisfaction of the duty manager at the game, before the player may take to the court.  The duty manager will take into account the possible danger of injury to any players on the court, including the player with the piercing.  If the piercing has been taped, and the immediate risk to other players has been deemed to be eliminated, the player may take to the court with the awareness that they are accepting the risk of possible injury to themselves.  If it is not possible to tape such a piercing that risk to players cannot be eliminated (e.g. sharp edges are present), the player will be excluded from the game.

EYEGLASSES:  For any players that require eyeglasses, please note that only official sports glasses or goggles may be worn on court. Contact lenses are highly recommended.


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, additional precautions will be taken at all Intrinsic Sports competitions.  These include:

  • Exclusion of any player that is unwell, in particular with cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath;
  • Exclusion of any player that has been in contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 during the 14 days prior to play;
  • Exclusion of any player that has travelled internationally during the 14 days prior to play, or attended any COVID hotspots as identified by the NSW Government;
  • Disinfecting of balls, pens, clipboards and any other relevant equipment between matches;
  • Ensuring that there is no sharing of bibs or other attire;
  • Provision of hand sanitiser for all players/staff; and disposable gloves for any person wishing to use them;
  • Ensuring that the number of people present at an indoor competition does not exceed one person per 4 square metres;
  • Ensuring that co-mingling of players from different timeslots is minimised.

All staff and participants will are required to sign on via the Service NSW QR Code provided at each venue.